How to vote online on Right2Vote

How To Vote On Right2Vote

Right2Vote is an eVoting platform which helps you vote online via mobile or computer in a matter of seconds. Please view the video below to understand the steps involved in online voting.

Duration : 01:01 Minutes

Note : The above video is just a sample video to explain the online voting process. Each election is different and based on features used and settings, the voting process might differ a bit.
However, the important points to note are :

  1. Only voters who are there in the voter list can vote.

  2. All eligible voters would receive an invite email / SMS from Right2Vote with the voting link.

  3. Voter needs to login only with the predefined user ID mentioned in the voter list. Do not log in with a mobile number if the login ID is the email ID.

Online voting in government elections in India

Currently online voting is not allowed in government elections. (National elections / Lok Sabha elections, Rajya Sabha elections, State elections or the Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad elections, Local body elections including municipal and panchayat elections). 33% of the Indian population is not able to vote due to lack of online voting option.

We are sorry that you are being denied your right to vote. We at Right2Vote have been raising our voices for your right to vote with the government, the politicians, the election commissions and the judiciary for more than 8 years now. As citizens of India, you have the right to vote and you should fight for your right to vote online. We request you to write to the Election Commission of India (ECI), President of India, and Chief justice of India (CJI) requesting for an option to vote online. Unless you insist on an online voting option you will not get the option.

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