Student Voting

Student Voting

Student election is very important part of student life and considered by many politicians as the training ground for political career. There are more than 35,000 colleges in India and most of the colleges have some kind of election or representative selection. More democratic universities like Delhi University have very involved and celebrated election system and have groomed many top leaders of today. Student election includes:

  1. College election
  2. Department election
  3. Society / Interest group election
  4. Hostel election
  5. Class representative election
  6. University election

Student elections are held every year in most of the colleges. Many universities also have teacher election like DUTA (Delhi University Teachers Association) election in Delhi University.

Apart from representative election Right2Vote platform can also be used for other democratic decision making among students like Awards and contest, faculty rating, hostel food menu decision etc.

Many schools also have elections specifically for School head boy / head girl, or class monitors. There are more than 13 lakh schools in India. Many schools also have parents’ teacher associations (PTA) where again representatives are elected by voting. As most parents find it difficult to attend PTA meetings, mobile voting is a great solution to resolve key issues.


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