Right2Vote is a technology-based eVoting platform that allows public as well as private organizations to create and manage their own elections. As the world is slowly shifting towards complete digitalization, Right2Vote is developed with an idea to revolutionize the online voting procedures in India. The entire process will be less confusing, less time taking, and the expenditure will be much less than booth elections. Follow these videos to know more about this voting app and its functions.

Voter Guide

This is a complete guide on how a voter can cast his vote on Right2Vote's online voting platform

Duration : 01:24 Minutes

Concept Video

This self explanatory video will give you an idea about how the Right2Vote online voting platform can help you minimize election expenditure, time, and effort by almost 90%. It also showcases why the percentage of voting would increase with this technology.

Duration : 02:45 Minutes

Corporate Usecase Video

This video explains how it is beneficial for listed corporate companies to adapt the Right2Vote online voting platform. It also gives you an idea of how this mobile voting technology can revolutionize the AGM elections where you can engage with your shareholders on regular basis.

Duration : 01:15 Minutes

Tutorial: How To Create Poll In Right2Vote App?

This video provides complete guidance to help users create their own polls for their respective elections. Organizing elections has never been this easy.

Duration : 06:39 Minutes

Tutorial: How To Vote In Right2Vote App?

This video is a step-by-step guide for the users on how to cast votes through the Right2Vote voting app. This also gives you an idea of how AADHAAR and OTP-based verifications work in eVoting technology.

Duration : 04:22 Minutes

Demo Video

Right2Vote is the world's first mobile verified voting platform. Watch this 1-minute demo video to learn more about the flow and functionality of this online voting platform.

Duration : 01:17 Minutes

BBC: Online Voting technology of Right2Vote

Duration : 08:00 Minutes

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