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Political voting

Political voting - Right2Vote

In a democracy, a government is chosen by voting in an election that is conducted after 5 years. India spends more than $ 5 Billion on the Lok Sabha elections every 5 years. That's a huge amount, right?

We at Right2Vote provide mobile voting solutions which can help manage these elections at a nominal cost, in very little time and in a much more secure manner.

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Shareholder voting

Every company has shareholders who have the right to participate and vote in the annual general meeting of a company. Every shareholder has the right to vote on matters of corporate policy, including decisions on issuing new securities, initiating corporate actions like mergers or acquisitions and so on.

Today, most of the AGM is held in Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore and shareholders spread across the country. So, some shareholders might not be able to attend the AGM due to mobility issues.

We at Right2Vote offers mobile voting solutions that may help all the shareholders of a company to participate in the AGM irrespective of the meeting location.

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Shareholder voting - Right2Vote

Club voting

Club voting - Right2Vote

We also conduct elections in clubs and gymkhanas through our mobile voting application. Apart from elections, the platform is very useful for resolution voting in clubs. These resolutions include key decisions where member consent is required. For example - increasing the membership fee, major capital expenditure decision etc.

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NGO voting

Most of the (Non-Government Organizations) NGOs are dependent on members for taking key decisions as NGO is also a kind of association of persons. They must elect their management committee or trustees, who can then manage the regular affairs of the NGO.

Right2Vote's mobile voting platform is used for conducting smooth and unbiased elections in NGOs.

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NGO Voting - Right2Vote

Union voting

Trade union voting - Right2Vote

Trade unions or employee unions must hold elections for certain senior positions or for the management committee. These elected representatives are required to take key decisions and to look after the day-to-day functioning of the union.

The Right2Vote's mobile voting app is a perfect solution for conducting these trade union and employee union elections.

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Professional body voting

A professional body is an organization of individuals who practice a certain profession or occupation.

Every professional body has a management committee to look after the routine and important task of a professional body. To elect senior leaders and management committee members, voting is conducted.

Right2Vote's online voting application is a secure and efficient tool for professional body elections and for voting on resolutions.

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Professional body voting - Right2Vote

Student voting

Student voting - Right2Vote

Almost each and every college graduate must be aware of student voting. It is a type of voting that generally takes place in democratic colleges or universities to elect a student leader or a general secretary of the college.

Apart from selecting student leader and general secretary, students voting can also be done for depart election, hostel election and so on.

Right2Vote platform can also be used for any such type of student's election.

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Political party internal voting

A political party must also conduct elections within the party to elect party president, party leaders and committee members. These elected representatives are made responsible to look after the important tasks and activities of the political party.

Right2Vote's online election platform is a secure, user friendly, transparent and efficient software for conducting voting among the members of a political party.

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Political party internal voting - Right2Vote

Customer feedback

Customer feedback - Right2Vote

Customer feedback is the information provided by customers with regards to whether they are satisfied with the product or service or not. Today, all top-notch brands and companies use customer feedback to improve their product line and service performance.

So, if you run a company and want to collect feedback from your customers, then Right2Vote's mobile feedback platform is the perfect solution for you. You can use the Right2Vote's app and website for collecting feedback from your customer in a hassle-free manner.

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Corporate voting

Right2Vote mobile voting platform is an efficient platform that can also be used for conducting employee voting, board member voting, specific committee voting, trade association voting and many other types of corporate voting.

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Corporate voting - Right2Vote

Housing society voting

Housing society voting - Right2Vote

The day-to-day administration and functioning of a housing society is managed by the chairman and the management committee. These management committee members are elected representatives of the members of the society. They are elected by the members through a voting process.

Right2Vote's mobile voting application is a secure, user friendly and efficient election platform that not only help in conducting smooth elections but also saves cost and time.

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