Professional Body voting

Professional Body Voting

Every profession has a member elected body which represent the members and regulate the profession. These elected bodies take care of the interest of its members and also try to have some rules and regulations for its members. These bodies also form the lobby group which represent all the members of the profession in front of government and other regulators.

There are more than 100 professions which has an elected body that represent them. For example:

  • Doctors – Medical Council of India
  • Lawyers: Bar Council of India
  • Chartered Accountants: Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • Company Secretary: Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • Cost and Management Accountants: Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India
  • Retailers: Retailers Association of India
  • Architecture: Council of Architecture
  • Designers: Association of Designers of India
  • Engineers: Engineering Council of India
  • IAS officers: All India IAS officers Association
  • Software Professionals: Association of Software Professionals

Often these professional bodies not only have a national level body or association but have elected body at state level, city level, region level and even at international level. For example: Doctors in India have Medical Council of India as the national level body. Then they have Delhi Medical Council and Maharashtra Medial council which are state level councils. Even at the international level there is The World Medical Association representing and regulating all doctors of the world.

Even among the doctors there are various specialization like gynecologist, cardiology, orthopedic, gastroenterology, urology, dermatology etc. for each specialization there is a different association of doctors at international, national, state, regional level. For example: Cardiological Society of India, American Gastroenterological Association etc.

Tenure of these bodies range from 1 to 3 years and hence elections are held every 1 to 3 years.

Voting percentage in professional body elections are generally low because members are busy and do not have time to travel to booth to vote. Mobile Voting can solve the problem and make these organizations more active and democratic.


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